Bitcoin has transformed the concept of sound money and exists as a revolutionary Store of Value. Only 21 million Bitcoin will ever exist, and Bitcoin not already in circulation will be mined by specialized ASIC mining devices.

Enter IHASH : Infinite Hashpower Token, the NFT platform which rewards holders with mined Bitcoin. IHASH token holders can convert their tokens to Hashpower NFTs and stake for a variable period to earn mined Bitcoin from our large scale community Bitcoin mining farm. IHASH is paired with the Binance USD Stablecoin $BUSD. IHASH is the revolutionary Bitcoin mining staking protocol that allows anyone to participate in the Bitcoin network and Bitcoin mining. 

Buy IHASH, Convert to a Hashpower NFT, Earn Bitcoin.

What's Mined, is Yours.

Infinity Token
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what is IHASH?

A Bitcoin backed mining focused cryptocurrency
on Binance Smart Chain.

The IHASH mining farm and Bitcoin NFT staking rewards platform is the innovative cryptocurrency-native solution to the problem of centralization of Bitcoin mining. Economies of scale allow for major cost advantages for miner and mining container acquisition, in addition to lower electricity costs offering participants massive profitability advantages when compared to solo mining.

IHASH is the first protocol which allows anyone to earn newly mined Bitcoin without the need for extensive technical knowledge, owning a mining facility with competitive electrical rates, or large amounts of startup capital.


The Infinite Cycle
Bitcoin Volume


IHASH token is converted to a representative Hashpower NFT by holders who want to earn Bitcoin rewards.


The IHASH protocol uses a simple and transparent fee structure and reserved mined Bitcoin to sustain the IHASH community mining operation.

Mining Rigs
buybacks and liquidity


Each IHASH NFT represents a set amount of Bitcoin mining processing power. More Hashpower NFTs are minted as miners are brought online to allow IHASH holders to convert to an NFT and stake for the newly available hashpower.

Infinity Token Bitcoin Mining Explained

Bitcoin Mining Explained

Mining is the process by which new Bitcoin is introduced into circulation. The backbone to mining is best understood through the concept of a blockchain. A mining device sends a message across a network after which another miner retrieves the data sequence it and adds it to a pool. This message is then approved or verified into the block and the blockchain ledger.

Bitcoin is newly minted by miners solving complex mathematical computations to inscribe Bitcoin transactions and as a result, receive Bitcoin. The practice of Proof of Work mining was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto when Bitcoin was unveiled in 2009.

True DeFI Tokenomics

Purpose built tokenomics designed for the IHASH mining ecosystem

Total supply of infinity token

1 Billion Supply

Total supply of $IHASH

Earn 5% Ethereum Reflections

Stake for Bitcoin

$IHASH holders can convert their tokens to NFTs and stake to earn mined Bitcoin

Mining rig fund


Miner expansion and replacement funded by a token treasury and transparent low cost fees

Liquidity Injection Tax

1% IHASH Transaction Tax

0.5% of transaction taxes are used for marketing
0.5% of transaction taxes are permanently burned

Earn Free Ethereum Rewards


Buying $IHASH allows you to acquire an NFT and earn mined Bitcoin.
Visit the IHASH staking platform at to manage your NFT and claim Bitcoin mining rewards.

IHASH Staking Platform

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Become a member of the Infinity Mining Token DAO by holding 10 million or more $IMT. Obtain voting rights to help decide the future direction of the project.

10,000,000 $IMT
= $12,638.99
10,000,000 $IMT
= 3.860 ETH


IHASH has evolved since launch to become a the definitive Bitcoin mining platform.
Our roadmap lays out our future plans to enhance the staking platform and much more.


JULY 2022:

  • Partnership Discovery Phase and Project Branding

  • IHASH Team Onboarding and Selection of Development Partners

  • Negotiation of Power and Land Agreements


AUGUST 2022:

  • IHASH Whitepaper Release and Website Launch

  • Private Financing Round and IHASH Token Development

  • Begin Staking Platform Development and Implement Multi-Sig Security Protocol



  • Mining Farm Deployment Phase

  • Expanded Marketing and Social Media Outreach

  • Tier 1 Exchange Listing Exploration and Treasury Token Evaluation



  • Infinite Expansion Protocol and NFT Resale Marketplace Announcement, Mining Farm Expansion Evaluation, and more

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Meet The Infinite Hashpower Token Team

Roger Malcolm III
CEO & Co-Founder
Jake Beischlag
Co-Founder & COO

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