Infinity Mining Token Democratizes Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin has become globally accepted as a store of value. Only 21 million Bitcoin will ever exist, and Bitcoin not already in circulation must be mined by specialized computers called ASIC mining rigs.

Enter Infinity Mining Token: The only ERC-20 (Ethereum) based cryptocurrency which rewards holders with Ethereum from every buy and sell of the token. Additional Ethereum is paid to holders from the Bitcoin we mine after conversion to ETH. It pays to hold Infinity Mining Token.

What's Mined, is Yours.

Infinity Token
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what is infinity MINING token?

A deflationary and re-distributive cryptocurrency powered by cryptocurrency mining on the Ethereum blockchain.

Infinity Mining Token is an exclusive re-distributive token created to capitalize on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining while allowing holders to be rewarded with passive Ethereum (ETH). A transaction tax funds Bitcoin mining rigs of which the profits are converted to ETH and distributed to $IMT holders or used for token burns. We coin this process "The Infinite Cycle" as described in further detail below.


The Infinite Cycle
Bitcoin Volume


5% of the 11% transaction tax is sent to the growth wallet. The more volume $IMT generates, the more funds the wallet gets; thereby, making buys and sells the core of the Infinite Cycle.


Funds from the growth wallet are used to purchase ASIC mining rigs. The team will be mining Bitcoin and other Altcoins, making all profits public for the $IMT holder to see on the blockchain. More volume = more rigs.

Mining Rigs
buybacks and liquidity


Net profits collected from the rigs will be then used to buyback and burn $IMT or will be distributed to holders as Ethereum, based on a mathematical model. The cycle continues infinitely. $IMT holders directly benefit from the crypto mining without all of the hassle.

Infinity Token Bitcoin Mining Explained

Bitcoin Mining Explained

Mining is the process by which new tokens are introduced into circulation of an existing pool of tokens. The backbone to mining is best understood through the concepts of a blockchain. A miner sends a message across the network and another miner's computer retrieves it and adds it to the pool. It then waits to be "approved" into the block and the blockchain ledger.

Cryptocurrencies are largely decentralized, with no central authority managing its transactions and networks unlike the U.S. dollar with the Federal Reserve as the point of control. Cryptocurrency miners and network nodes work as the "managers" of the token. The practice of mining was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto when he (or they) created Bitcoin in 2009. Holders can transfer asset rights known as "bitcoins" to another individual in an unidentified contract. Bitcoin are not physical currency and work as a sequence to virtual data. Through permissible in many day-to-day transactions in real world scenarios, Bitcoins are acquired by miners solving complex mathematical computations to inscribe Bitcoin transactions and as a result, receive Bitcoin.

True DeFI Tokenomics

Carefully thought out and proof tested before launch. There's an 11% transaction fee with 5% claimable to your wallet as ETH rewards.

Total supply of infinity token

5 Billion Supply

Total supply of $IMT with total liquidity of over 150 ETH

Earn 5% Ethereum Reflections

5% Ethereum Reflections

$IMT holders receive 5% of every transaction as Ethereum reflections + crypto mining rewards

Mining rig fund

5% Mining Rig Fund

5% to fund new ASIC systems for mining

Liquidity Injection Tax

1% Liquidity Injection Tax

One percent of every transaction is injected as token liquidity to ensure a stable trading environment

Earn Free Ethereum Rewards


Buying and holding $IMT tokens allows the holder to earn passive income in the form of Ethereum (ETH). Rewards in Ethereum instead of Infinity Mining Token means the price of the token is not affected when rewards are claimed.

Claim ETH Rewards

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Become a member of the Infinity Mining Token DAO by holding 10 million or more $IMT. Obtain voting rights to help decide the future direction of the project.

10,000,000 $IMT
= $12,638.99
10,000,000 $IMT
= 3.860 ETH


We've had some great accomplishments so far - from CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listings, our official launch on Uniswap, to purchasing our first batch of ASIC mining rigs and forming the Infinity Mining Token Mining DAO. Here's how we're taking on 2022:


Q1 2022:

  • Begin buybacks (token burns) with mined Bitcoins.

  • Acquire additional mining equipment

  • Expand marketing (banner ad campaigns, Facebook ads, Influencer marketing)


Q2 2022:

  • Enable automatic liquidity injection

  • Provide live video feed of mining rigs

  • Explore mining alternative cryptocurrencies


Q3 2022:

  • Enhanced mining statistics platform launch

  • Launch of Hash Power Purchase Program

  • Top Tier exchange listing


Q4 2022:

  • Continue expansion of mining rigs to additional locations

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Meet The Infinity Mining Token Team

Roger Malcolm III
CEO & Founder
Jake Beischlag
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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