Infinity Mining Token Announces Mining Rig Hosting Partnership With Mining Syndicate

In December 2021, Infinity Mining Token reached an agreement to partner with our first bitcoin mining rig host located in Dallas, Texas.

February 1, 2022
Infinity Token

In December 2021, Infinity MiningToken reached an agreement to partner with our first bitcoin mining rig host located in Dallas Texas. Mining Syndicate ( will provide a minimum of 99.9% uptime on our current inventory of ASIC rigs from Bitmain and Canaan which are mining as part of the Slush Pool mining pool (

In early February 2022, Mining Syndicate will be expanding to an additional warehouse location which will provide us with additional space for future additions to our rig inventory. Our agreement with Mining Syndicate includes an economical discounted rate on electricity costs of .08 cents per kWh which allows us to maximize the quantity of Bitcoin we mine. Currently, Infinity Token has acquired a total of 30 mining rigs consisting of S19 J Pros and Avalon 1246 ASIC rigs. Mining Syndicate is our first rig hosting partner, and in the future we will expand to multiple locations across the globe to create a truly decentralized, community run cryptocurrency mining operation. You can track live statistics on the currently online rigs including live hash rate, 5 minute and 24 hour rolling hash rate averages, as well as monitoring of the Infinity Token Bitcoin wallet.

As we continue to earn Bitcoin, the IT DAO will be utilized to vote on how we can best use the mined Bitcoin to directly benefit our holders. Marketing, reflections and token burns are under consideration. The Infinite Cycle will be set up on a fixed schedule in early 2022, which will mean consistent and predictable burns and reflections for all Infinity Token holders!