New Contract Deployment Signals Next Phase For Infinity Mining Token

Infinity Mining Token announces plans for new phase of updates

February 1, 2022
Infinity Token

A new and improved Smart Contract is being launched and the planned transition has a current target time frame of late January. The new Smart Contract provides for several significant advantages. A new, custom self-hosted rewards dashboard will allow all Infinity Token holders to claim their Ethereum reflections on for a nominal gas fee. Our new dashboard will also allow for automatic reinvestment of banked Ethereum reflections, without requiring any user input once the setting is enabled.

Holders will have the ability to view their claim history as well as track the total amount of Ethereum that has been reflected to all holders since launch. Another key benefit to the new Smart Contract is we are no longer paying a fee to the Fair Token Project which amounted to 1% of all IT transactions. Instead this additional revenue will be used for additional mining rigs, building of liquidity and for marketing purposes. The transition to the new contract will be seamless: existing holders will only be required to add the new token contract address to their cryptocurrency wallets after they are airdropped the new tokens 1:1. This relaunch is part of our strategy which includes a new website and a refresh on the style and brand of Infinity Token.

New informational YouTube content will be available to educate potential holders about the Infinite Cycle that drives the entire concept behind Infinity Token. These changes as a whole will allow us to approach potential institutional investors who have already expressed interest in the concept behind Infinity Mining Token!